Nicola Shubrook

Specialist in stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, brain health and Alzheimer's prevention, IBS and digestive issues




I'm Nicola, a qualified nutritional therapist and I have a real passion for supporting individuals struggling with stress, anxiety, depression and eating disorders.

Having spent over 15 years working in the media industry, and previously living on a diet of stress, caffeine and sugar, I fully understand the challenges that we face when working and trying to find balance.

Whether you just want to eat healthier or need specific help to manage stress, sort digestive issues such as IBS and bloating, or perhaps feel you have 'brain fog' where your memory and concentration just don't seem to be what they were (a sign of stress!), then do get in touch and let's arrange an initial chat.

I practice a functional medicine model, which means I am always looking at you as a whole and working to find the drivers of any health problems or concerns rather than just treating the symptoms.

I write personal nutrition plans for each and every client, sometimes recommending supplements and additional testing, but I make sure that the plan is achievable and can fit around your everyday life. We all have enough to worry about! I will help you create healthier habits and become a happier, more balanced you.

I look forward to working with you.


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Approach to treatment

I practice a functional medicine approach which means I am looking at you as a whole, and working to find the drivers or causes of any health concerns, rather than treating the symptoms.

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South Woodford (E18) and online


Diploma in Nutritional Therapy (CNM) and I am currently studying to be a Certified Practitioner with the Institute for Functional Medicine. I am also a clinical hypnotherapist (DCH)

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Men and women, aged 25-65