Helen Cooke

Specialist in Digestive issues (IBS/microbiome imbalance/small intestine bacterial overgrowth etc.). Other specialist areas - disordered eating, weight issues, adrenal exhaustion, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue.



My BSc in Nutritional Medicine used a functional medicine approach which takes a whole person approach to assessing the root cause of symptoms and developing a personalised strategy to address presenting issues. I specialise in digestive health and psychological health issues.
I initially trained as a nurse which helps me understand any underlying health problems.
I have worked for over 25 years in the field of whole person health (initially in a clinic supporting people with eating issues and then 16 years at the world famous Penny Brohn Cancer Care Centre). I teach nutrition to a wide range of health professionals (including medical students which ensures I keep up to date with current research). As poor digestion lies at the root of a myriad of health conditions, I have done several additional training courses to ensure I am up to date with the latest scientific thinking in this area - including the Map My Gut training with Professor Tim Spector). As I have worked in private practice for over 10 years (25 years with people with eating disorders), I have enjoyed working with people with a broad range of health issues.

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Approach to treatment

My degree in nutrition (BSc) taught a functional medicine approach which takes a whole-person, evidence-based view of health. My nursing background enables me to have a good understanding of any underlying health issues. The aim of our work together will be to help you restore optimal health/balance in an enjoyable/achievable way with as minimal disruption to your daily life as possible.
In certain circumstances, I recommend functional testing to help us detect the root cause of symptoms/ imbalances/allergies etc. These allow for more personalised/targeted nutrition and supplement programmes that may produce quicker results.
I use a range of UK/US laboratories, including Invivo Clinical, Biolab, Cyrex and Genova Diagnostics as well as the Map my Gut test mentioned below.

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BSc (degree in Nutritional Medicine)
MA (degree in Complementary Health Studies)

Demographics of Focus

My key area of expertise is digestive health. I have a special interest in supporting people with IBS/microbiome imbalance. I also have considerable experience of supporting people with a wide variety of health conditions (see below).
My other specialist area of interest is mental health. I have worked with people with eating issues for 25 years initially in a treatment centre and now in my practice. I have regular referrals from a Bristol psychiatrist who specialises in this area of work.
I work in affiliation with Professor Tim Spector (British Gut Microbiome project, London) as one of ‘Map My Gut’s’ microbiome specialists. This exciting new service uses the latest technology to provide a personalised analysis of the thousands of bacteria living in your gut together with information on how they associate with health and disease. This test will provide you with important health enhancing advice on lifestyle and nutritional changes. As mentioned, I also offer functional testing with other laboratories (stool/allergy/vitamin deficiency/DNA testing)