About Us

Welcome to E-therapy an online platform that specialises in the delivery of emotional, behavioural, and psychological therapies using high definition, secure live video. We are aware of the increasing demand for these therapeutic services as a significant proportion of the population is plagued by emotional, psychological and physical difficulties due to the complexities of daily living.

As a result of time constraints, we are also aware that a significant proportion of the population may not be in a position to go through the process of seeking out a therapist and attending face to face sessions. In addition, the persistent stigma of going through and dealing with emotional and other difficulties may also deter those who would benefit from therapy from utilising the conventional approach. We strongly believe that being able to access therapy from the comfort of your home, office, personal space or wherever you choose will address the problems outlined.

E-therapy is an online platform through which emotional, and behavioural therapies can be delivered in a secure, confidential and effective manner. Aside from the delivery of psychological therapies, it is also a medium through which practitioners of such therapies can expand their practice to a wider population and jurisdiction. Hence our system caters not only to those who would benefit from such therapies but also to the practitioners by enabling them to expand their practice to reach a wider audience.

We are passionate about assisting humanity in its evolution towards a peaceful, harmonious and joyful existence, understanding that such progress is persistently being impeded by the complexities of daily living. We strongly believe that with the appropriate guidance and direction, a significant proportion of the earth’s population would be in a better position to navigate through such complexities without feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, thereby enhancing their quality of life and in essence increasing their chances of achieving happiness, fulfilment and prosperity.