Join the E-THERAPY Provider Network

Take your practice online
Expand your reach with E-therapy
Get discovered by patients
Manage bookings, billing and see clients on a purpose built,
user friendly and secure platform


Therapy made easy

Practice online at your convenience. Receive e-mail reminders of upcoming sessions. Marketing strategies aimed at maximising utilisation of the platform generates a high level of demand for online therapy.

Easy billing and payment management

Work from home, the office or anywhere. Our convenient online scheduling system allows you to be available anytime. Generic pricing approach reduces selection bias and ensures affordability.

Create and manage your online practice and public profile

Practice management tools, marketing support and therapist support. We maintain a balanced quota of therapists based on demand. This ensures our therapists are consistently active and appropriately compensated.

Manage your online calendar

Set your availability and clients can book accordingly. All our therapists have an equal probability of selection by potential clients.


Increased compliance and utilisation due to convenience
Fewer no shows or missed appointments
More flexible hours allows for weekend and evening consultation
Reduces overheads and enhances time management
Greater accessibility
Enables provision of service to the time conscious and housebound
Greater market reach
No boundaries. Get exposure to clients across the United Kingdom