Psychosynthesis | E therapy


This therapy is based on the work of Assagioli, it is a positive spiritually inclined way of working. Psychosynthesis is unique in that it states that people deal with not only personal suffering but also transpersonal or spiritual pain, as they explore the conscious, super-conscious and collective unconsciousness.

The pain comes from any number of situations that cause the person to grow to meet their true potential, therefore as far psychosynthesis is concerned, it is not purely on a physical, mental or psychological level, but also in the spiritual dimension as well.

He suggested there are two ways the therapy works:

  • Firstly, as a personal aspect that looks at the transformational changes within the personality and
  • Secondly, as a transpersonal therapy that is about seeking the higher consciousness or self and purpose of life.

According to Assagioli this higher consciousness acts as an intermediary between the personality and the divine.

The therapist will explore childhood problems from the psychodynamic viewpoint and also the client’s awareness using the following techniques:

  • Mental imagery
  • Inner dialogue
  • Free drawing
  • Gestalt techniques
  • Journaling
  • Breathing
  • Ideal model technique is use of visualisations, for example the client has to imagine the opposite of the concerns they feel trapped in or imagining a way of getting out of the circumstances.

This last technique is only explored once the client’s negative problems have been sorted.

This is the psychodynamic version of transpersonal therapy.

This therapy is suitable for adults.