Marie Seary

Specialist in Anxiety, Depression, Grief & Loss, Trauma, LGBTQ, Sexuality, Gender Identity, Relationships.



Qualified and experienced Integrative Therapist supporting people with a range of challenges.

Accessing therapy can feel like a daunting step but it is often a very rewarding one. It's helpful for us to think of an initial session as a way to explore if we can work together. I assure you that I will endeavour to enable you to feel safe, heard, sometimes challenged with compassion, trust and respected.

Member of

British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP)

Approach to treatment

Fundamental to my approach is respect, non-judgment, compassion and empathy. I also believe that not one approach fits all. Therefore, I work within various frameworks and concepts which creates flexibility and creativity within sessions. Another core aspect to therapy is how we are communicating with one another; I encourage an open, honest dialogue which supports clients not only with their own process but in turn can positively impact their external relationships at work and with others. Often the therapeutic relationship can be a valuable source of material to support in understanding patterns.
We might explore current feelings and possibly where they may have rooted, or how present challenges can be influencing your thoughts of the future. I am very interested in how trauma impacts the body - and so we can explore this and go beyond traditional talk therapy where appropriate.
I work with clients on a short- or long-term basis. Sessions normally take place weekly. An initial session / consultation will help us both decide if we can work together and explore some important aspects of the potential work. Sometimes this extends to a few sessions to help you decide if it feels right for you.
To date I have worked with people online, telephone and in-person at my practice in Central London. I also volunteer at a specialist centre. Clients whom I have worked with have accessed therapy for a number of reasons some of which are: history of sexual and/or physical abuse, low mood, depression, anxiety, breakdown of relationships, bereavements, difficulties in the workplace, questioning their sexuality, gender identity, eating disorders, self-image, cultural identity, feelings of being stuck and/or wanting to explore a deeper meaning to life.
My previous background is in complementary therapies and working with people holistically. Prior to this training which informs my practice, I worked in the social work / care field for over 20 years specialising in mental health. Therefore, I bring significant experience of working with various people and the challenges they face.

Languages spoken


Currently Practice

Online / telephone. In person sessions: Central London Great Portland St.

Therapy Types

Anxiety, Depression, Grief & Loss, Trauma, LGBTQ, Sexuality, Gender Identity, Relationships.


Post Grad Diploma: Integrative Transpersonal Counselling

Demographics of Focus

Adults 18+.
To date: I have worked largely but not exclusively with women.