Tim Harvard-Sweeting

Specialist in Anxiety • Depression • Addictions • Adult ADHD • Self-confidence • Men's stuff • Bereavement • University students • Developmental coaching • Trauma • Boarding school syndrome



Having lived and worked all over the world I have returned to Cornwall where I was born and bred. I was trained by world-leading person-centred therapists at the University of Nottingham. I work online with clients in the UK and overseas, and face-to-face with clients in West Cornwall, through my company Tim Harvard Psychotherapy Ltd.

Member of

BACP, WAPCEPC (World Association for Person-centred and Experiential Psychotherapy and Counselling), IPPA (International Positive Psychology Association), IZTI (International Zen Therapy Institute), ADPCA (Association for the Development of the Person-centred Approach).

Approach to treatment

Working within the person-centred approach means that we do not necessarily need concepts such as 'treatment', 'illness', or 'diagnosis'. While these medical terms can be useful, they can also be misleading, incorrect, and even harmful. It is notoriously hard to diagnose mental illnesses and regardless of the symptoms the key curative factors are normally related to the client and the therapeutic relationship. So why attempt to diagnose someone when you can just help them instead? You are the expert on you, and it is not your 'world map' that is at fault, it is your compass - how to know what is most important, and what to do. My role as therapist / counsellor / coach is to support you as you attempt to make sense of your situation and find the solutions that are best for you as an individual. Although I work in a holistic, person-centred manner, I sometimes incorporate influences from compatible traditions, such as Buddhist psychology, mindfulness, existentialist therapies and positive psychology. This is not ‘integrated’ therapy because techniques are only implemented as an expression of a genuinely person-centred approach, and always with full respect for the client’s perspective and self-determination.

Languages spoken


Currently Practice

Based in West Cornwall, I work online with clients all over the world as well those in the local area. My online clients might be based in the City, or are expats and people working in remote locations.

Therapy Types

I provide person-centred therapy. This is a well-established approach that is as effective as other leading approaches. Uniquely it sees things from the client's perspective (hence the name), because ultimately what matters most is what the client makes of things, not the 'expert'. Whilst this approach does not rely on interventions (tools and techniques), I will suggest these where they seem appropriate. I have exeprience in dealing with Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, Adult ADHD, Self-confidence, Men's stuff, Bereavement, University students, Trauma and Boarding school syndrome.


I trained in person-centred experiential counselling and psychotherapy practice at the University of Nottingham. I am currently studying Buddhist psychology and Zen therapy.

Demographics of Focus

I work with people from all backgrounds, and I focus mainly on adults and teens. Much of my work is with men.