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Art Therapy

the title suggests this therapy uses art media to enable the person to explore emotional and relational difficulties, especially where a person struggles with talking about emotions or feels stuck. This therapy can be used with clients of all ages and is offered in group or individual settings.

The range of media include coloured pens, pencils and paints, paper, puppets, clay, and drama to name a few.

This type of therapy is experiential and can enable clients to physically see what motivates their thinking, self-beliefs and behaviour and to challenge these in a creative and expressive way.

This therapy enables the client to articulate openly and honestly about what is causing them pain via the creative medium – talking through not only the emotions and thinking but also why they choose particular colours and media to work with.

This therapy can be useful as it can bring feelings and buried ideas to the surface quickly.

The therapist will ask open questions to help the client to articulate the significance of, say for instance, a painting; and where there are a series of different paintings, they may be able to see how the therapy is helping to shift focus.

It can be suitable for all ages, adults and children alike.

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