Hypnopsychotherapy | E Therapy


This is an intentional and principled use of hypnosis alongside psychotherapy to enable change in a client’s life, that the latter has agreed to. The therapist will also have an in-depth understanding of other therapeutic models to address the client’s beliefs, thoughts and feelings of previous life events which will be integrated with the hypnosis, including ideas of Freud, Rogers, Adler, Erickson to name a few.

This therapy induces an altered awareness that is similar to shallow sleep or meditation that causes the client to be relaxed and open to suggestion that come into play when the altered state of consciousness is ended.

The therapist will use guided hypnosis to enable clients to use their own reserves to make changes and take charge of aspects of their life they have found difficult, including things like anxiety or addictive behaviours.

The therapist will enable the client to explore aspects of their own life in a positive way to help them to gain a different perspective and way of being in the world.

This is often directive therapy and suits those who like to be told what to do by an expert.

This therapy is suited to adults.