Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy and Counselling | E therapy

Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy and Counselling

This therapy is based on the work of Bandler and Grinder and explores what goes on in the brain, how language affects all communication and how examples of ‘personal excellence’ can be enabling. The therapist uses modelling in order to enable personal change for the client.

The concepts in Neuro Linguistic therapy state that how information is processed combined with the freedom and ability to choose different or new behaviours to the ones a client has habitually used will provide the means for self-change.

NLP therapy works on the principle that ideas and concepts can impact bodily cues and the therapist’s role is to help clients to use their imagination to view their difficulties from another context and this would provide a challenge to a one-dimensional way of looking at an issue.

The therapist enables the client to effectively reframe the problem from two perspectives:

  • Context reframing is about looking at a perceived ‘bad’ experience in a more positive light in another context – eg someone may have a certain difficulty at home, but no problems with the same issue in a work situation.
  • Content reframing is reinterpreting a circumstance from a positive place.

The therapist provokes the client into thinking in this way about similar situations. For example the therapist may encourage the latter into thinking about the issue as a major psychological experience contributing to feeling more alive. The therapist may use hypnosis to help with future functioning around certain behaviours and thoughts.

This therapy is suitable for adults.