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Psychosexual therapy

Due to different types of enculturation and socialisation there can be many different ways that sex, and different types of sex and sexuality are not viewed as a healthy part of a relationship. Therefore it is vital to seek out help of a psychosexual therapist.

Sexual difficulties cause problems in a relationship if the two people cannot communicate their needs or if there are issues about self-confidence, self-worth, self-love or performance.

Psychosexual therapy only works when both partners consent to working with the therapist, ‘as the relationship is considered the patient’ according to Masters and Johnson (1966). This is to ensure that the communication and homework tasks are understood and completed.

As medication can affect sexual performance, the couple will asked as part of the assessment to give a medical history.

It is important to have a therapist that has an insight into their own and other types of sexuality and be mindful of the full gamut of human sexual behaviour so that negative judgements do not get in the way of therapy.

People choose this therapy if:

  • They want to explore what their sexuality is.
  • They want to explore what their partner’s sexuality is.
  • To gain an understanding of sensate focus techniques – learning to ‘think and feel sensuously’.
  • They want to gain an understanding and help each other to tackle their conditioning and rules about sex – whether it is considered ‘dirty’ of ‘sinful’ as a result of their upbringing.
  • They wish to help their partner to express their fears around sex.
  • They want to talk about the blocks to sex.
  • There is a lack of sexual functioning.

This therapy is suited to adults: single, partnered, married, gay, bisexual or straight.